Welcome of collaboration and partnership for Mutual Benefits by Crown University Intl. Chartered Inc.

Welcome of collaboration and partnership for Mutual Benefits by Crown University Intl. Chartered Inc.

UNESCO Laureate, Professor Sir Bashiru Aremu, Vice-Chancellor of Crown University International Chartered Inc. (http://www.crownintl.education/vice-chancellors-profile ) has been interested to do more MoU for academic and research collaboration with many Universities , Institutions and various organizations as per  professional communication through e-mail and later on discussion with him via Online platform and Zoom meeting

Discuss about to create new opportunities for academia and research of various Universities, Institutions and organizations and Crown University with mutual cooperation and partnership i.e. academic & research collaboration.

You may visiting Crown University Intl. Chartered Inc. website about its  accreditations and (http://www.crownintl.education/accreditation-and-recognition/), academic partnership with different universities and research institutions of the world (http://www.crownintl.education/our-partners/) and Grand Board of Trustees (http://www.crownintl.education/grand-board-of-trustees/).

As a result of convey global education about University through MoU/academic collaboration with different universities of the world that has been contributing in the fields of academia and research nationally and internationally.

He has been appointed some International professors and scholars worldwide  to represent him as a Representative of Vice Chancellor of Crown University in favour of both parties of the various Universities that they have been partnered together  for academic partnership in the different countries of the world and anybody that interested  have to contact him the necessary terms and conditions to be included and he emailed him  with a revised and customized MoU as stated below: Wattapp number and Phone number: +2348065907145, Email : vc@crownintl.education,africaitconsultancy@gmail.com

He has agreed with all of their partner universities, Institutions and organization  that their students will come over  to study through collaborations for dual degree or top degrees in according to University customized policy and requirements and fixation of tuition fees or payment under the exchange program what will be decided by the authority of both universities mutually.

Please, send MoU to the Vice-Chancellor of Crown University International… and make it needful with an early reply to him.

Due to worldwide COVID-19 pandemic situation, he has been agreed to complete the formalities of MoU through meeting with any Universities, Institutions and organization via the virtual platform like Zoom Meeting for its effectiveness.