South America in Argentina campus

South America in Argentina campus

The “Crown University Intl Chartered was established 2011, initially was operated as an Institute under the law of establishment of West Coast University to provide vocational and Professional Educational Services at International Levels under global mission and vision of teaching and Social work as one its branches Institutions of West Coast University and certificates was issued under the name of West Coast University as one of affiliated Institutions.

 It is an autonomous educational institute and Vocational Training School. The institute was a registered and accredited training institution under the West Coast University in collaboration with Africa International Institute for Professional Training and Research and is listed on the Register of West Coast University as an Institute under West Coast University which provide accredited courses to local and overseas students up to Graduate Diploma Level through the various accreditation of West Coast University USA

As West Coast University established a chain of affiliated colleges and various Institutes in many countries of the world  , the trustees decided to use this infrastructure to establish the Crown University Intl. Chartered Inc. in some of  a favorable countries and territories on the recommendations of Board of Trustees and faculty members of  West Coast University and Crown University Intl. Chartered Inc. was incorporated at State of Delaware, under law of 1775, 1776  as licensed University and an Independent Autonomous Research  University of its own after it already has historical background in West Coast University as an Institute although  its Teaching and Research Hospital Campus based in Santa Cruz in Argentina, South America apart from properly chartered in State of Delaware, United States of America as international legitimate teaching and research independent university with International Trade Mark registered of logo with  an international trademark order of receipt number: 668383, Customer number:270163  in United States of America and now also  serves as a global University  for autonomous higher education that offered program from undergraduate to post graduate level and up to post doctorate Degree as international research university.

After received properly global chartered to operate worldwide as autonomous independent teaching and Research University from Government of United States of America, As of December 2019, Crown University Intl, Chartered Inc. is fully accredited and recognized

Crown University Intl. Chartered Inc. is a private International chartered university registered in State of Delaware, United States of America. The University aims to be an institution with the best traditions in the production of self-reliant, ethics-conscious, globally competitive graduates imbued with requisite skills, competencies and ability to be key players in the nation’s quest for socio-economic and technological development. The University’s learning environment comprises state-of-the art structures and infrastructural facilities, as well as teaching equipment that rank at par with those in educational institutions in developed countries. Learning is student-centered in the University, and conducted with international best practices. Accommodation, dining, leisure, sports, mentorship and moderated socialization are therefore guaranteed on our affiliates campuses.

Our Objectives


To produce world-class graduates in different disciplines who are highly skilled, ethics conscious and well-rounded and will be useful to government, industries and commercial ventures soon after their graduation or capable of establishing their own businesses thus becoming employers of labour in the shortest possible time


To ensure appropriate industrial and commercial inputs in its formal education and training by forging a dynamic link with industry and commerce through the involvement of captains of industries and commerce in training and research programmes


To create and expand access and opportunities for education for physically challenged students; and attract and retain quality students, researchers, and teachers, thereby assisting in developing human capital and mitigating the brain drain currently afflicting


To encourage and promote the advancement of learning and hold out to all persons without distinction of race, creed, sex, religious or political conviction the opportunity to acquire university education


To play a critical role in the development and incubation of engineering and technology and medicine and others courses knowledge and in the dissemination of that knowledge


To carry out basic and applied research leading to the domestication and application of new technology to the world context through collaborative linkages with other academic and research institutions in the world


To establish a centre for entrepreneurial studies to stimulate job creation and innovative abilities in students from onset of their studies, in such a way that graduates shall be resourceful, self-reliance and job creators


To attempt to reverse the craze for overseas studies by youths by providing world standard facilities in terms of human and physical structures for students


To undertake other activities appropriate for teaching, research and community service as expected of a university of high standard


Crown University Intl. Chartered Inc.  Seeks to be a globally competitive institution that produces entrepreneurial, innovative and ethical graduates.


To produce graduates with the appropriate skills and knowledge for the development of the nation and global competitiveness


Integrity, Honesty, Diligence, Excellence, Pragmatism

What we give our Students:

We pride ourselves to offer the best.

Human Development 100%

Entrepreneurship 100%

Discipline 100%

Leadership 100%

MOTTO: Magna cum excellentia innovation “Great innovation with Excellence”

Crown University International Chartered Inc. is a member of registered participant of International Association of Universities (IAU) Conference which is an official partner of UNESCO.  The IAU secretariat is based in Paris and is located at the headquarters of UNESCO

Before and after its independent and accreditations with various recognitions, Crown University  Intl. Chartered Inc has produced more than three hundred graduates and we are currently have over five hundred students worldwide such as full time ,online, part time, distance learning and through International flexible professional programs to earn academic degrees.

Crown University has been partnered with many Universities, Institutions and organizations worldwide for mutual benefits, furthermore you may contact us on this

Invitation as a member Top Vice Chancellor and Top Universities in the world:

UNESCO Laureate Prof Sir Bashiru Aremu of Crown University Int’l Chartered Inc which it’s teaching and research  hospital campus is located at Santa Cruz in Argentina in South America partner in Benin Republic, Ghana, Nigeria, India and associates worldwide got this invitation recently through a correspondent from Sharda group President, International Relations Officer, Ashok Daryani which was made available to various our reporters of journalists on the 22nd July, 2020 by himself ( the World Acclaimed Distinguished Professor of Information Communication Technology (ICT), UNESCO Laureate Prof Sir Bashiru Aremu ).

Where the SHARDA University World Educationists Conference on Post Covid-19 has been addressed the the following topics: A global Webinar on Challenges, Solutions And Opportunities in Higher Education, Post Covid-19, Technological Support and its Advancement and adaptation of new initiatives, Padagogical Transformation, Collaboration of Global Institutions and Its Effects, and finally different Approaches to encourage Youths to Continue their Studies.

To this end, other top panelists from the top Universities of the below countries: India, UK, Zambia, Nigeria, Ghana, Malawi, Gambia, South Africa and others as SHARDA University, India seeks audience from World Acclaimed Distinguished Professor of Information Communication Technology (ICT), UNESCO Laureate,Professor Sir Bashiru Aremu’s words of wisdom to make the Conference a great success.

SHARDA University’s International Relations Department Correspondence reads in parts: “We are inviting Presidents and Vice Chancellors of top Universities across the globe to discuss and bring out new ideas to counter new challenges in Higher Education fraternity and encourages Students’ mobility in favour to the Institutions”.

” I hope you and your family are completely safe during this Pandemic, while the whole World is grappling with the current situation”.

“We are inviting Presidents and Vice Chancellors of top Universities across the globe to discuss and bring out new ideas to counter current challenges in higher Education fraternity encouraging Students’ mobility in favour to the Institutions”.

“On behalf of SHARDA Group, I would like to invite you as an Honourable panelist and special Guest of Honor for the Webinar on the Above-mentioned topic”.

Where the …UNESCO Laureate Prof Sir Bashiru Aremu highlights some of the challenges facing Higher Education in Post – Covid -19 era, and stated unveils measures to promotes continuity of learning, you may visit the link for further information: