Technical personnel play an essential role in preparing the infrastructure of a country, and in making efficient use of it. Engineers and architects are the primary technical personnel. In this regard, Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, where engineering and architecture education programs are established and carried out, is among the principal faculties of universities. Crown University Faculty of Engineering and Architecture gives education in Departments of Computer Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Industrial Product Design, Architecture, and Interior Architecture.

Engineering, in general terms, is a profession that transforms research results in basic sciences into product and service, and presents these for the benefit of society. By this way, it’s possible to continually increase the society’s level of development and welfare. Basic stages of engineering profession are creative thinking, designing and producing.

In all engineering and architecture branches, it’s an indispensable objective of our University to enable students to make use of information technologies at the highest level. Four-years undergraduate education programs of Crown University Faculty of Engineering and Architecture are enriched with courses on social subjects like communication skills, academic reporting, entrepreneurship; in addition to courses on basic sciences, information technologies, and compulsory and elective professional courses. Besides, in Departments where language of instruction is English, foreign language proficiency of our students is improved via courses on basic and professional English. The Faculty gives great importance to university relations with industry, business and trade world in order to provide the students with opportunities to put into practice the theoretical knowledge they acquire in courses.

Aim of Crown University Faculty of Engineering and Architecture is to train qualified engineers and architects who will provide beneficial service for our country and whole humanity; and also to contribute to universal science through making scientific studies within the body of the Faculty. The education programs of the Faculty are carried out with competent and qualified academic staff, and all kinds of technological equipment.