Degree-granting Departments & Programs

The University has 35 academic departments that grant both undergraduate and graduate degrees. In addition, students can be admitted into a number of degree-granting Bachelor’s, master’s or Ph.D. programs.

Undergraduate certificate programs enable students to pursue focused study that supplements the primary work of their concentrations (majors), leading to a certificate upon completion. Further academic interests also can be explored through various undergraduate interdisciplinary programs.

Ph.D. candidates may pursue research in a variety of interdisciplinary programs, enhancing their work in a degree-granting department or program in the Graduate School.

African American Studies A.B.
Anthropology A.B. Ph.D.
Applied and Computational Mathematics (Program in) Ph.D.
Architecture (School of) A.B. M.Arch. Ph.D.
Art and Archaeology A.B. Ph.D.
Astrophysical Sciences A.B. Ph.D.
Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences (Program in) Ph.D.
Chemical and Biological Engineering BSE M.Eng./
Chemistry A.B. M.S. Ph.D.
Civil and Environmental Engineering BSE M.Eng./
Classics A.B. Ph.D.
Comparative Literature A.B. Ph.D.
Computer Science A.B./
 MSE Ph.D.
East Asian Art and Archaeology (Program in) Ph.D.
East Asian Studies A.B. Ph.D.
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology A.B. Ph.D.
Economics A.B. Ph.D.
Electrical Engineering BSE M.Eng. Ph.D.
Engineering and Applied Science (School of) BSE M.Eng./ MSE Ph.D.
English A.B. Ph.D.
Finance (Program in)
French and Italian A.B. Ph.D.
Geosciences A.B. Ph.D.
German A.B. Ph.D.
History A.B. Ph.D.
History of Science (Program in) Ph.D.
Mathematics A.B. Ph.D.
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering BSE M.Eng./
Molecular Biology A.B. Ph.D.
Music A.B. Ph.D.
Near Eastern Studies A.B. M.A. Ph.D.
Neuroscience (Princeton Neuroscience Institute) A.B. Ph.D.
Operations Research and Financial Engineering BSE MSE Ph.D.
Philosophy A.B. Ph.D.
Physics A.B. Ph.D.
Plasma Physics (Program in) Ph.D.
Politics A.B. Ph.D.
Population Studies (Program in) Ph.D.
Psychology A.B. Ph.D.
Quantitative and Computational Biology (Program in) Ph.D.
Religion A.B. Ph.D.
Slavic Languages and Literatures A.B. Ph.D.
Sociology A.B. Ph.D.
Spanish and Portuguese  A.B. Ph.D.
Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs A.B.
   Public Affairs (master’sdoctoral) MPA Ph.D.
   Public Policy MPP